6 Steps to Reaching Your Fitness Goals

1. Envision the end result. This may not be the first step you were expecting, but it’s a very necessary step, indeed.

Envisioning your end result helps you create the right goals for reaching that result. Seeing yourself the way you want to be produces the desire to achieve that result and will drive you to find out how to get there. If you see yourself lean, then ask yourself, “how do I get there?” Which brings me to the next point…

2. Set some goals. This isn’t a foreign concept. You’ve established goals before and you’ve crushed them. That means you can do it again.

For example, most fitness goals that people have fall into one of four categories: lose weight, lower body fat % (BMI), increase muscle mass/tone, or get stronger. People who simply want to lose weight have a particular goal weight in mind and may not care about gaining muscle or focusing too much on overall body fat. Someone who wants to lower their body fat percentage may be working out consistently, but still feel like they have too much body fat, this may indicate a need to implement a cleaner diet. And those who want to increase muscle mass or tone up may feel like they’re doing all they can in the gym and in the kitchen, but they’re flabby in the areas that count to them, which could indicate a need to incorporate more weight training. Someone who wants to get stronger may need to take a different approach. Once you figure out what you’d like to accomplish, set the right goals and you’re on your way.

3. Start somewhere…anywhere. Driving anywhere requires you to start somewhere. You can’t drive from point A to point B by simply thinking about getting there.

You can think about where you’re going, envision yourself at your final destination, determine the route you’ll take to get there and even go so far as to start up the engine. But if you don’t actually switch the gear into drive and take your foot off the break you’ll be going nowhere very fast. One may ask what was the point in even getting in the car if you weren’t planning on going anywhere. What’s the point in envisioning and planning only to get to the point of starting, then stop before ever giving yourself a real chance? Start somewhere. Whether that’s taking a walk for 30 minutes twice a week. That’s a start if you weren’t doing that before. If you eat out all the time you may want to change that to twice a week. That’s a start. Look at what you can do right now and do that.

4. Be Patient. Patience is truly a virtue, an excellence of character.

If you don’t have it practice it on this journey of health. It’s a win-win situation. Why? Because as you practice patience, your character is being developed at the same time as your body. Keep in mind that it takes about 30 days to develop a habit and about 6 months to develop a new lifestyle. In other words, it’s easier to develop bad habits than it is to develop a healthy lifestyle. Developing a healthy lifestyle takes time, effort and produces great results in the end - both physically, mentally and spiritually. Developing bad habits can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle which can quickly lead to an early death.

5. Stay consistent. Now this is a real challenge for some of us.

Many times, we can hit the gas so fast in the beginning that we run out of steam somewhere down the road. Sometimes we give up before ever reaching the 30-day mark. Two weeks can sometimes feel like a month. And when you check the scale or look at yourself in the mirror constantly you feel you haven’t made any progress at all, but that’s simply not true. You have to remember that the changes you make start to affect your insides first before you see results on the outside. The dietary and fitness changes you make will cause your internal organs to function better, your cholesterol will start to decrease, your sodium levels will change, the visceral (deadly) fat around your organs will start to leave; and that’s just to name a few benefits of making the right changes. So, don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the results you’re looking for in a couple of weeks. Remember, your goal is to obtain long term results. You’re investing in yourself. And the right investment always produces great yields.

6. Integrate a performance boosting plan. Sometimes our biggest issue is finding the energy to workout.

And if we haven’t been eating the healthiest, it could be even harder to get the proper nutrients and vitamins in our system to get the results we desire. There are some things you can do to get faster results, like implementing multi vitamins, a protein powder supplement and a pre-workout that can give you a boost of energy. Often times, it’s difficult to find a pre-workout supplement that can help accomplish multiple goals. That’s why I recommend, along with the proper multi-vitamins, our Cardio Cocktail pre-workout. It helps increase your endurance, provide mental focus, increase blood flow and provide muscle recovery. All of which are needed in a good fitness plan.

Today I want to challenge you to go through these steps and stay consistent for 30 days. Don’t worry about the scale, just focus on actually doing the goals you’ve set out for yourself - consistently. Many people think enjoying life and being good to themselves means giving themselves a free pass to have a drink or eat out, but those things actually do more damage over time than good. Giving your body what it needs to run more efficiently and effectively is truly a joy of life and it’s an expression of love from you to you. Soon your body will begin expressing its gratitude to you in more ways than one.

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