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The brand that represents influence, strength, power, love, faith and confidence. Fit Wit Class is a lifestyle. It’s a brand that represents the woman that’s doing her best. This woman strives to work her lane and not be influenced by social norms. This woman is strong. She’s a force; fierce in her own right. She doesn’t just live life. She lives a lifestyle. This woman is focused. She knows where she’s going and where she needs to be even if she’s not entirely sure how to get there yet. She’s close. Despite social pressures, this woman aims to have a healthy mind, body and spirit. She’s active and intentional about what she allows into her being. She’s influential. This woman is powerful. The Fit Wit Class woman knows who she is. She won’t compromise herself. She’s confident. She knows that no one can work her lane like her. No one can do what she does. No one can be who she is. No one can go where she’s going. She’s on a journey. This woman is a part of something bigger and deep down she knows it even if she can’t articulate it yet. Even if she hasn’t realized it yet. She knows there’s more in her; greatness in her. She wants to express it. This woman isn’t perfect, but she’s real. This woman is YOU. You are a powerful woman. Begin living your life on purpose!

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