Where is Your Fire?

Hello my sister! How are you?

I’m sitting here thinking about how there are so many of us just existing day to day. We get up, drop the children off, go to work, come home and do it all over again the next day. Some women are going home and wasting the rest of the day on the couch or in the bed because there’s no energy or desire to do anything else; except, maybe talk on the phone. So here I am wondering...where is your fire? Where is your zeal for life? Where has your energy gone? Do you feel healthy? Happy? Joyful? Many of you are young and have so much life ahead of you, but you feel older than you are. That is not life, my friend. That is simply existing. What do you have a desire to do? What really fires you up inside when you think about it? What are you passionate about? What are your gifts and talents. In other words, what are you good at? What do you just love doing, but may not feel like you have the resources to do it? What do you often imagine yourself doing if there were nothing holding you back? Answer these questions for yourself and take a step to get your fire back.

I’m convinced that the Proverbs 31 woman had a zest for life that could not be hidden. In Proverbs 31:13 it says that she works with eager hands. Verse 17 says that she sets about her work vigorously and her arms are strong for the tasks. The Proverbs 31 woman had energy and life flowing through her. She was a strong and faithful woman that knew what it meant to get up and go. She had that fire and so do you. Ask God to help you get your fire and passion back. Ask Him to help you find what makes you come alive inside! Trust me, He will do it!

Before I log off I want to say that I’m coming from a place of understanding with this post. I used to be that very woman that I’m talking about. Life was such a bore. I started to get tired of going out for drinks on the weekends. My old desires began waning as the desire to be fit and active started to take over. So I decided that I would wake up at 3:30am every day and go to the gym before work. I was around 215 pounds when i started and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was better than what I was and I knew it. I had to find that woman that was inside of me lying dormant for so many years. I needed to see her; meet her. I needed to know and become HER. So I did. That was the start of my journey to wholeness and life! That’s my journey and I don’t expect everyone or anyone, for that matter, to do what I did; but where will you start? Just start, my sister. All I ask is that you don’t let your youth go to waste. And if you need some inspiration, Fit Wit Class is here and we ask that you become part of our team. We all are desiring to take care of ourselves - spirit, soul and body and we welcome you.

With love - The FWC team

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